L3 Music Final Major Project Sign In Sheet


Year 1 FMP Audio Links

Here are the links to the final audio products: Independent Track 1: MOON RMX https://soundcloud.com/user-272197866/moon-rmx Independent Track 2: Progressive Experimental Section https://soundcloud.com/user-272197866/progressive-experimental-section Independent Track 3: WP Edit https://soundcloud.com/user-272197866/well-played-inst-prod-mp3-sample Collaborative Track 1 Pre Edit: Flav Cut by Keash https://soundcloud.com/user-272197866/flav-cut-keash-instrumental-pre-quantisation-and-arrangement Collaborative Track 1 Post Edit: Flav Cut by Keash https://soundcloud.com/user-272197866/flav-cut-keash-post-quantisation-and-arrangement Collaborative Track 2: Vocal Rejection https://soundcloud.com/user-272197866/keashprogressivetake

FMP Year 1: Bibliography

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Reflection: Week 7

My project at this point did take a turn for the better, as Kieson had finished with the track I sent him. However, although the song structure was finished, the instrumental was not up to scratch and when it came to recording vocals, Kieson had taken complete control of his own vocal recording. This had…Read more Reflection: Week 7

Reflection: Week 6

This week, my FMP took a bit of a hit, as the instrumental idea that I had sent Keash, in order for him to write vocals for, I had not heard back from regarding track progress. I have held off from vocal recording.

Reflection: Week 5

This week I have been working purely on creating instrumentals towards the FMP. Included in this would be the likes of using automation to change how something sounds within Logic. The aim of this is to increase my knowledge and skill of the DAW, and well as songwriting in general. Next week, I aim to…Read more Reflection: Week 5